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Paul L.

Director in Strategy Planning & Analysis (SPA)

Thursday, September 25, 2014/Number of views (15709)
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The 3 P's - Professionalism, Personality, Presentation

The 3 P's - Professionalism, Personality, Presentation

Professionalism, personality and presentation

Do you know how you sound when you are speaking to a hiring manager?   Do you know how your personality comes across?  Do you have a certain suit you wear to job interviews?  First impressions in a job interview are everything.  Many hiring managers can determine within the first 5 minutes if you are a fit for the job.  In this competitive job market it takes more than just the right resume, it takes professionalism, personality and presentation.  

Professionalism - Communication

Nothing shows your professionalism more than excellent communication skills.  While methods of communication in the 21st century have changed, speaking face to face with someone has not.  Grammatically incorrect words and mispronunciations can be a red flag for a potential employer, especially if the position you’re applying towards will put you in front of clients as a representative of the company.  

Personality – Don’t go to extremes

Mirroring your personality to the hiring manager’s is a good way to gauge how casual or how formal you need to be.  Like people, not all managers are the same, some create a more relaxed and conversational environment.  Others are very much “business” and want to stick to the program of the interview.  It is up to you to monitor your personality and adjust it to the person with whom you are meeting.  If the hiring manager is extremely bubbly and conversational,  then a similar approach will make them more comfortable.  If the hiring manager does not get off topic and only wants to speak about previous work history or the position’s responsibility,  be sure to stay on topic.  

Presentation – Common Sense

What do you wear to a job interview?  It is best not to show up to a job interview dressed like you’ve just rolled out of bed.  We have conversation after conversation with candidates about professional interview attire, and, yet, occasionally still receive negative feedback from hiring managers on their impressions.  

Here is the bottom line:  do not let something you are wearing, something you have tattooed on your body or something you have pierced distract the hiring manager from you and your abilities.  If they are staring at the hoop nose ring or sleeve of tattoos on your arm they are likely not paying attention to what you are saying.  If your nails could be entered into the Guinness Book of World Records it’s probably best to groom them before an interview.  If the clothes you are wearing would be something you wear out to a club on a Saturday night it’s probably not appropriate for an interview.  No one appreciates excessive perfume or cologne on a potential employee especially when in a small office setting.  I certainly cannot concentrate on what you are saying if I feel like I could faint from chemical overload.  And trying to cover up smoke with perfume only makes you smell like a lot of perfume and smoke.  It’s hard enough to get a job these days without sabotaging yourself with your attire and presentation. Common sense will help you obtain the opportunity you are seeking.

By Christiana Helvie - Senior Sales & Staffing Consultant  
Wednesday, August 13, 2014/Number of views (13692)
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Susan C

Manager, Provider Enrollment & Billing

Sunday, May 11, 2014/Number of views (6639)
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How to be successful in an interview. It's simple- be prepared!

Prepping for an interview can be a stressful thing—What to wear? What to ask? What to share? These are common questions that everyone asks themselves prior to an interview. The best way to be successful in an interview is to PREPARE. A prepared person is a successful person. Here are a few tips on how to best prepare:

1- Get to know the company. Review their website and familiarize yourself with what the company does, where they are located, their mission statement and also with whom you will be meeting. If you only have their name and a bio is not available on the company website, use LinkedIn as a tool to learn about the person with whom you are meeting. Do a little research to see if you have any commonalities, find out where they went to school and gather other specifics about the person that might help to break the ice and start the conversation.   

2- Study the job description of the position for which you are interviewing. Write down some specific examples of professional experience that apply to the main buzz words of the job description. Be able to relate those buzz words to past experiences.   

3-Dress to impress. It may not be your favorite thing to wear, but dust off the suite hanging in the back of your closet. When you are dressed professionally, it helps with your confidence.

4- Have a few questions of your own prepared. Ask questions that may not have yet been answered during your conversation-- about the position, about the company, about the potential for growth, or even things that might help make the hiring manager's job a little easier.  

5- Always take copies of your resume and be sure to get the interviewer's business card so you can follow up with a thank you note.

6-Make eye contact, be yourself, listen, and share without interrupting.   

If you follow these common steps, you will be an ACE during an interview! Again—PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE.  Good luck and I look forward to preparing you for your next interview.

By James Murdock - Search Consultant
Thursday, May 1, 2014/Number of views (8050)
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Don’t get lost in the shuffle. Tips on how to make your resume stand out.

Don’t get lost in the shuffle. Tips on how to make your resume stand out.

Do you ever wonder what happens to your resume when you apply for a job online? I often found myself wondering this very thing when searching for my own job seven years ago. I found myself submitting my resume for a wide variety of positions, but rarely heard anything back from the prospective employer.  Was I not the right candidate?  Did they not like something on my resume? These are questions I asked myself each time I did not get a response.

The truth is, most of the time, your resume is actually  being received through an automatic portal filtering hundreds of incoming resumes. In some cases, the company recruiter may not even be aware your resume has been submitted.  If you have the opportunity to submit your resume directly to the hiring manager or even the corporate recruiter, what can you do to stand out? Here are a couple of suggestions:

1-Make sure your resume is clean. It should be neatly organized with the use of page breaks, bullet points and an easy-to-read font.

2-Tailor the resume for the position you are pursuing. Incorporate key points and buzz words from the job description in your resume, if they are appropriate, based on your experience.  You should always have one rough draft of a resume in your files and tailor that resume for the position you are pursuing.  

3-Lastly, only apply for positions for which you meet the criteria. For example, don’t apply for an Accounting Director position if you are a food delivery person and clearly do not have the experience required and listed in the job posting. Use your common sense.

The above are 3 ideas to help you get started on standing out. The most important take-away should be to always remember to TAILOR, TAILOR, TAILOR-- That’s something I can do for you and you should always do for yourself.  Good luck!!

By James Murdock - Search Consultant
Wednesday, April 16, 2014/Number of views (15637)
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When I was preparing to interview for a promotion Garen provided specific preparation tactics to ensure I nailed the interview.  Rather than the regular "run of the mill" interview advice, Garen helped me develop a strategy to attack the interview and get the job.

- Paul L., Director in Strategy Planning & Analysis (SPA)

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